Do you want to know what’s NEVER funny? Telling a pregnant woman she is getting FAT. Not funny people. Your not clever and witty. Your being hurtful and mean. I want to smack you but I have to smile calmly because you seem to have no clue what an a**hole your being!!!

Curse you social settings!! If I were to throw the seemingly appropriate fit, I would have looked like a total B****. “Obviously it was joke, Gillian, lighten up!!!” Blah blah blah.

You know what I did after work? I went home and cried. I cried because that was a mean thing to say to an emotionally volatile pregnant lady. Its really not a funny joke anyway you say it. Do you know anyone who would enjoy being told they looked fat out of the blue? I don’t.

A word to the unwise out there…….NEVER COMMENT ON A PREGNANT WOMAN’S SIZE!!!!! NEVER.

If she is big, that’s mean. If she is small and you are trying to be hilarious, don’t. Its mean. If you are commenting on how she is not showing yet, you might make her worry unduly about her poor malnourished baby. People are sensitive and pregnant woman are worse so stop, just stop and think about your clever little comment before you ruin someone’s day!

AAHHHHH there! My rant is finished.

Thank you internet for always being there!



The Travelling “out west” dilemma…

My husband works in the trades and travel has always been an obvious factor in his work. Now that we have a 1 year old and another baby on the way, suddenly this not only possible but very likely.

There are two things in life that people in general cant seem to get enough of. Time and Money. So how does one make the most money in the time they have? They travel to Alberta and work like a dog. (Or so it seems) They draw of how much money a licensed plumber can make working on the camps in northern Canada has finally hit home as our family begins to really grow. 

We are certainly not struggling now but the idea of where we could be, if we are willing to do some sacrificing, has been nagging at us for months. 

Now that we will have two babies we need:

A bigger car (Our little Mazda 2 is simply not cutting it)

A bigger house (we live in a tiny two bedroom home)

Money for child care (any parents out there will appreciate what I mean…CHA CHING)

more diapers, more formula, more EVERYTHING. The “stuff” really adds up, I must say. In addition I have dreams of returning to school some day (and that’s not free) plus lingering debts and other life sundries.

The Dilemma is how much do you sacrifices? How much can you withstand to make a profit? The travelling will be incredibly hard on our family so I am currently riding that fence.

I am thrilled my husband will be expanding his experience and gaining strides for his career. I am pleased we will be able to pay off debts and take good care of our children. I am terrified of raising children on my own almost. I am overwhelmed by the house work, groceries, pets, laundry, cooking, and part time employment I will have to manage, for the most part, on my own. I am nervous to rely on family members so I can go to work and they drain this all my have on my relationship with my husband. I’m scared of him flying all the time to and from Alberta. And I’m afraid he might miss the birth of our second child.

But……… if we can just get through to the other side of all this, we can pay off debts, pay off our car, have money for a down payment on a house and I can probably go back to school and become a better contributor to our overall finances.

Then we can look back on these difficult days and wonder at how brave and smart we were!! Right??

Well, I certainly hope so because he is more than likely leaving in 2 weeks!! I am so excited and so terrified. But I truly feel like that’s a very normal reaction to change. Everybody fears change, the unknown. And whats more unknown than your husband quitting his job and moving away?? Yikes.

This is turning out to be a very interesting time in life for us, I feel as though this could open up some doors for us that we didn’t even know existed. We were just musing the other day at how close we had come to buying this old run down Victorian home, an extreme fixer upper and how that would have made it impossible for us to leave this small town for many years. Now it seems that all of Canada is a possibility for us!! We could do so many things together! Its all very exciting!

Wish us luck!!



Second Pregnancy Woes…

My first pregnancy was a breeze. The kind that makes all other mothers hate and loathe you. And this pregnancy is even better, if you can imagine. But this time around, even though I hardly even feel pregnant, there are many more pesky little side effects.

Allow me to explain. I have no nausea, no headaches and very few discomforts. I sleep well, have a decent amount of energy and I haven’t gained very much weight (yet).

On the other hand, I have acne, back-ne, dry skin, rashes (eczema) my hair is so dry I fear it may catch on fire, I’m getting varicose veins and I stink (I make myself want to clear the room).

Pretty sexy, eh?

These little woes don’t make me feel any worse for wear (except perhaps the veins) but they are making me feel like a troll. I feel like apologizing to my husband “Sorry dear, we aren’t having a baby, I’m just transforming into a bridge dwelling creaturel”. Last pregnancy my dear Hubs had to beat me away with a stick. This time around I’m like “Please don’t touch me, in fact, don’t even look at me!!”

I just feel hideous and generally crusty.

I don’t tend to openly complain about these things too often because really, in the grand scheme, they are not so bad and I’m holding on to the notion that once the baby is born, much of it will pass. I’ll be bringing sexy back in no time!


Showing off my nearly half-way bump!!

The  old wives tales say that if you are expecting a baby girl, they sap all your beauty. I also had a dream last week that this was a girl. I wont know until mid-may so stay tuned!


Transplant Trot 2013 5K

Running Room

The baby is napping and I finally have a chance to tell you about my very first 5K “marathon”.  It was the 2013 Transplant Trot in support of organ and tissue donation awareness put on by the Moncton Running Room this past Saturday.

The weather was crap but we had a blast! Accompanying me was my baby Logan and my big sis D! I was so excited that I was over an hour early. I can’t tell you how much I’ve always wanted to do one of these. I always see the events and drive by longingly wishing I was with them instead of on the side lines.

Now before you get too excited I should inform you that we just walked the 5K. Being this out of shape and 18 weeks pregnant meant no jogging for Mummy. My sister was also recently having a health issue concerning cysts on her ovaries so needless to say we walked. BUT WE POWER WALKED IT OH YEAH!!!

It was fun and also for a great cause but I must say it was a lot harder than I thought. Having been fairly sedentary lately I found myself wondering if we had accidentally ended up on the 10K route, it seemed to go on and on forever. Right out of the gate it started to rain which was almost comical and so we laughed at our misfortune  The wind was blowing surprisingly hard making pushing the stroller more difficult than necessary. Just before reaching the halfway point I even entertained the idea of calling my husband and just going home.

Then there it was! The glorious turning point! And so we bucked up and finished it. I told myself it wouldn’t make a very interesting Blog piece if I said I gave up and so renewed we made it back to the start/finish line.

When we were done I just felt so proud and motivated. I wanted to take some “we did it” photos but the batteries in my camera decided to die. (Just my luck)

It took us just under and hour to complete and it was totally worth it. Makes me excited for a time where I’m not pregnant and can join the Running Room as a runner. It is a goal of mine to complete one of these 5K’s at a jogging pace! I miss running so much and thanks to the Transplant Trot I have a taste for these now. Watch out runners, here we come!

I will keep you all posted on our next adventure in “marathons”.


Another recipe review from an non-foodie!

Keeping with my New and fabulous cookbook, this morning I tried a new recipe for breakfast. My family and I have simple breakfast tastes and I, in particular, might kill you if I dont get something sweet first thing so this recipe was an adventure in branching out.


(I once again take no credit for these photos)

Rating:  PER/PERFECT  (aka 3 out of 7)

Why so low you ask? Yes, this does look delicious but perhaps my tastes were not prepared. The problem was that this recipe was very time consuming. When I crawl out of bed I pretty much want food immediately. This in total took nearly 40 min!!! I almost died people!!! It also didnt really suit my flavour needs. Very tomato-y (obviously) and it contained olives. In my house-hold olives are a big no-no but I tried to stay true to the recipe and it was met with some distaste from Hubby. The baby got tired of sitting in his high chair waiting for us to eat becoming fussy and I happened to burn my finger when putting the pan in the oven.

So even though I earned my battle wounds making this feast I probably wont make it again. It was filing and not so bad and very healthy so I had to give it some props but the length of time and the fact that we simple just didnt like it give it an overall low score in my books. Not recommended for busy Mom’s with cranky, teething babies.

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this new cookbook and I am having success with it too. This just happened to flop with my family.

Perhaps you will have more success.


Dear Tenant: F@#% OFF

THERE! I said it.

Let me first say that I am very grateful to be the proud owner of an income property. It is an amazing opportunity that has allowed my husband and I to have a nice home and still afford other life sundries such as food etc etc.

I would also like to interject that: YOU DONT MESS WITH NAP TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

(can I get an Amen from the other mothers out there!)

All around I have much praise for my friendly, clean and timely paying tenant upstairs. Oh, did I also mention that he plays the drums and has a motorcycle. Hahahaha……….sigh. But what can you do right?  Tell him to stop living his life the way he chooses? Suggest to him some new hobbies such as scrabble or solitaire  I would never! And so he learned to politely knock to see if he can play his drums, he does not stomp around or throw parties and most of the time it seems he’s not even here.


My husband so lovingly refers to my reaction as Mummy Rage. At least once a week I go on a rant about how I cant wait to buy a new house and move out into the country where no one can bother me and my precious nap time EVER AGAIN. Sometimes I just want my house to be my house. No more share-zees. Its like he knows I am seconds from joining the baby in sweet, well deserved slumber and chooses that exact moment to blast his music or rev his motorcycle.

Its like waking a grizzly bear from hibernation. Its not pretty and you should probably run.

Soon we are going to have two babies. If, by some miracle, they get on a nice nap schedule together heaven help the poor sucker who messes with nap time then! You might be seeing this blogger on the news.

At least if I become a fugitive I will have time to workout!! All that running from the law must be good for your health.

Anyway, I digress.

I love my tenant but I love nap time more. Much more. And that’s my rant for today.

(A shout out to the door to door religious people, pets and family members who also have a knack for disrupting nap time!)

Recipe Review from a Non-Foodie


So I bought this new cookbook! TADA!

Saturday I tried one of the recipes for the first time and thought I would share my highly un-educated working Mom opinion.


(I take no credit for these photos)

Rating: PERFE/PERFECT ……aka 5 out of 7

This recipe gets high scores for being super simple to make, fast, DELICIOUS and, of course super healthy! Woo hoo, go super Mom.

I deducted a bit from its score because it was not very tasty LOOKING, probably wouldn’t stand up to being re-heated and might not be something everyone would enjoy. If for example, if you have kids who are picky eaters, they might take one look at this and run away….far away. (though maybe that’s your way of getting some “me” time)

My husband was highly sceptical but overall ended up enjoying it as well so that counts for something. I, on the other hand, felt satisfied that I fed something mighty healthy to my growing family. Yesssssssss.

I actually bought fully cooked shrimp and basically just heated them up on my George foreman grill which made this an even faster meal. I recommend a food processor for the “pesto” and not a cheap blender as this added to the prep time. (curse you Walmart blender)

For anyone trying their hand at eating better but is not quite a super chef, this is a great recipe to try. Its simple and quick and very good for you. Be not afraid of the cilantro and spinach. This meal has a very lemony-citrus flavour. DELISH!!

Go try it!


Better sore than sorry??

Damn you Tumblr!! You and your motivating fitblr images!!

Ok, ya so I might agree that it is better to be sore than sorry…most days. I got it into my head that I don’t want to be as out of shape during this pregnancy and so I made a little workout. Great, right? Way to be healthy and all that! Ya no. I can barely walk today. Here is the little workout I slapped together yesterday (and completed):

20 warm up jacks

20 squats

30 bicep curls

20 shoulder press

10 chair dips

20 squats

20 lunges each side

10 chair dips

15 Back flys

30 calf raises

20 squats


(free weights were 10lbs)

So basically, some lower and upper body. I am hurting so bad today, I am hobbling around miserably. Do keep in mind I am 16 weeks pregnant with an 11 month old baby to chase around as well. I distinctly remember the pain my body was in after labour the first time. I felt as though I had been working out for days and then woke up to the worst kind of muscle and body pain EVER. I am mostly determined to avoid this after the new baby arrives this September. Now, I say mostly because , though this is very important to me, I am also a mother of a busy 11 month old who works part time and is 16 weeks pregnant. I am currently very sedentary even though I was jogging before I became pregnant with baby number 2.

Something seems to happen when I find out I’m expecting. I feel like if I even pictured myself exercising that something would happen to my baby. I’m quite certain Im not the first mother-to-be to feel this way. And so…….last pregnant I gained 40+ lbs. THIS WONT BE HAPPENING AGAIN…..just sayin. I am slowly getting over my fears of exercising during pregnancy  My doctor has given me the go a head, I have done my research and I know what to look for. Now I just have to get off my lazy arse!!

My goal is to get out for daily walks which borders on laughable. I hate the cold and the rain and the snow so unless everyday is sunny and warm, this probably wont be happening. So I suppose I will continue to hobble around for a few days and then give this exercise thing another whirl!!

Wish me luck!


My first ever Blog!

Well this is exciting!

To begin I guess I will explain briefly why I decided to start a blog. One thing I did not expect about becoming a Mom is the boredom. Sometimes, particularly during the winter, the days seem really really long. I find myself basically counting down the minutes between naps and there is only so much day time television can do to help. I noticed other people I know blogging about their lives as new Mom’s and thought “Hey, stuff happens in my day TOO!”…….why not write about it. I’m not exactly a good writer but I thought, at the very least, it could be cathartic. Its easy to feel all alone as a fist time Mom and so I’m reaching out knowing that someone out there feels the same way I do.

I also have a variety of interests that mostly just fledging ideas right now that I thought could be further explored by the use of a blog. Clean eating, fitness and a general pursuit of happiness have become fore-runners in my mind as of late. I want to be happy, I want to be healthy and I want to be a great Mom. (you have to start somewhere) Exploring these ideas and interests is a way of exploring myself. I hope that my journey can be of some use or perhaps entertainment to someone out there!

Welcome and enjoy!